If you're a JRPG fan living in Europe, chances are good that you've already picked up the Silver Award-winning Bravely Default.

If you're in the US, chances are equally good that you're counting down the days till its exclusive standalone demo hits the eShop on January 2.

One thing that both North American and European fans of Bravely Default share, however, is their anticipation for details on the just-announced sequel, Bravely Second.

Square Enix showed off a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS JRPG at the annual Jump Festa expo in Tokyo this week, and there are plenty of teasers to whet your appetite.


For starters, the music makes us think that Bravely Default composer Revo has returned to score the sequel - although we can't confirm that just yet.

Secondly, there are some impressive hero poses of the new heroine Magnolia in action, along with some beautiful painted artwork of a city.

Here's to hoping that we won't have to wait two years for news of its western localisation - assuming it's in the cards to begin with.

Bravely Default is out now in Europe, and will hit the US eShop and retail stores on February 7.

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