Those of you in need of an epic space strategy game to distract you from the Christmas festivities may want to give Third Epoch: Rising a look.

Although the game is free, it's not without depth and style, that's for sure.

You'll start off Third Epoch: Rising by heading into a coffee shop on board your space station.

After buying a rough-looking chap a shot of coffee, he'll return the favour by offering you a delivery mission and a ship. From these small beginnings, you'll start to earn your way up the ladder.

Trading standards

The three core parts of the game are trading goods, exploring space, and gaining tactical supremacy over those who attempt to take you down.

Before long, you'll grow your own customised space fleet, explore uncharted phenomena, and earn resources.

The missions you complete are tied into pieces of the game's story. Here, the dev touches on themes like civil rights, economic stability, and adversity during technological progression.

Surprisingly, Third Epoch: Rising doesn't contain any violent combat. Instead, you disable ships from the inside using technology fired across in missiles. Your enemies do the same.

If you're intrigued at all by the contents of the preceding paragraphs, go grab Third Epoch: Rising from the App Store for free.