Although the PS Vita is still on rocky ground sales-wise, Sony's little handheld that could is going to have a rather lovely 2014, no doubt about it.

Prices are dropping, meaning that more people are going to jump on board the Vita train. In the meantime, the great indie titles just keep on coming.

But we're not just anticipating a series of ports in 2014 - there are plenty of original games heading towards Vita this year.

We've rounded up the best-looking Vita titles for 2014 so that you can see precisely what you'll be spending your hard-earned cash on over the next few months.


By Digital Dreams - heading to Vita in 2014

Metrico is a puzzle-platformer that centres on infographics. You know, those slick-looking graphs and charts that have been so warmly embraced by The Internet over the past couple of years.

Put simply, your movements in Metrico's world affect how the charts stretch and contract. Working out these connections is the key to moving forward.

We played Metrico back at Gamescom and thought it was pretty superb. Make sure you read our preview of the game for a better idea of what to expect.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
By Dennaton - heading to Vita in 2014

There's no question that the PS Vita version of gory top-down shooter Hotline Miami was the best, so we're definitely looking forward to seeing the sequel on Vita.

Wrong Number is apparently a prequel to the original, and features more of the same bloody violence as its 'predecessor'.

We're not going to complain - Hotline Miami is a lesson in OTT, and we love it for that.

By Dynamighty - heading to Vita in 2014

We do love a bit of espionage here at Pocket Gamer. So, CounterSpy could very much be our cup of tea.

We're talking creeping around bases and defusing rockets before they can be fired into the world. There's talk of multiplayer spy work, too, which sounds rather delightful.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
By Edmund McMillen and Nicalis - heading to Vita in 2014

The original The Binding of Isaac was a permadeath dungeon-crawler in which you attempted to delve into the depths of a basement and kill your own mother.

Yes, it was pretty grim. But it was also genuinely fun.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of the original, with tons of additional content thrown in for good measure. It will no doubt be a perfect fit for the PS Vita.

By Roll7 - heading to Vita in 2014

We were hoping this skateboarding wonder was going to get released in 2013. Alas, some last-minute complications meant that it's been pushed to early this year.

We still can't wait to get our hands on this final score-popping arcade game. Read our preview of it here to find out why we're so excited.

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster
By Square Enix - heading to Vita on March 21st in Europe, and on March 18th in the US

Final Fantasy X and X-2 are two of the most highly regarded Japanese RPGs ever, so to see these PS2 titles being remastered in HD for the PS Vita is a dream come true.

These remakes will apparently boast new maps, character models, textures, better lighting, shadows, better movies - the works, essentially.

Borderlands 2
By Iron Galaxy Studios and Gearbox Software - heading to Vita in 2014

Okay, so you played the glorious Borderlands 2 over a year ago. Let's be honest, though: fitting that entire RPG shooter onto PS Vita is a pretty damn incredible feat.

Of course, we've not actually seen this game in action yet, so there's every possibility that the port might not be great.

Have faith, mind. If it turns out to be a stellar translation, this could be the perfect platform for the shooter.

By Honeyslug - heading to Vita in 2014

This one has been in the works for quite a while now - I first played it back in 2010! - but it's definitely looking worth the wait.

You control a snake-like creature, as you explore Hohokum's gorgeous world and generally take a chill pill. This is a game all about swanning around the place, finding things to do, and simply loving the art of exploration.

By Visiontrick Media - heading to Vita in 2014

Pavilion is apparently "a fourth-person exploratory experience" - whatever that's supposed to be. All we know is that this adventure game looks bloody gorgeous.

It's a hand-painted adventure in which you manipulate the world to help the protagonist venture on. In other words, "something you should look forward to."

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
By Spike Chunsoft and NIS America - heading to Vita in February 2014

This Japanese visual novel was originally released for the PSP back in 2010, and could be described as a mix of Phoenix Wright and the Zero Escape series. Alas, it was never translated into English, despite the great reviews.

Now, it's getting a PS Vita remake, and we couldn't be happier. Roll on, February!