Co-op shooter Killing Floor: Calamity is an arcade reimagining of PC survival horror FPS Killing Floor - and it's out now on Ouya.

The original Killing Floor was pretty grim and dark, but this Ouya outing looks to be a brash arcade experience geared towards 'couch co-op'.

Calamity takes place across English towns and cities, where the military have been partaking in some naughty cloning experiments.

These experiments go horribly wrong, as dodgy military cloning operations are wont to do, and you're left to clean up their angry, mutated mess. With guns.

Killing Floor: Calamity is available to download on Ouya right now.

Plus, if you've yet to buy an Ouya, and you're in the US, using the promo code 'calamity' at checkout gets you $40 off an Ouya console on the official site.

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