One Legged Seagull Games is looking to do what Nintendon't, with Super World Karts GP.

This 16-bit kart racing game is essentially old school Mario Kart for mobile, PC, and Ouya. There's even a cheeky SNES-style physical box up for grabs on the game's Kickstarter.

There are eight cheerful animal characters to play as, alongside some recognizable faces from other games, like the lumberjack Tim Burr from Fist of Awesome.

You'll also have two cups to compete in with ten tracks to master. They're filled with power ups to collect and use against your fellow racers. Discovering shortcuts is also a big part of the competition, too.

The developer says that it is focused on getting the controls right for mobiles. Ensuring that drifting around corners is fun is a top priority.

Super Circuit

If you're anything like me, you've been begging for some Nintendo games on mobile for years now. And every time it's mentioned, Nintendo remains defiant in not jumping across to mobiles.

It recently showed an interest in using mobile games as a marketing aid for its big franchises. But there's still no hope for Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon on our mobiles.

So I'm glad to see that other developers are stepping in to fill the gap that Nintendo is leaving open.
If you feel the same way, consider backing Super World Karts GP on Kickstarter in its last few days. You can get early access on PC or Ouya for a minimum of $10.