Was the great big Ausar Rising update for Chair's blade-swinging slash-'em-up Infinity Blade III on YOUR Christmas list?

If so, you'll be delighted to read that this "massive" update to the Bronze Award-winning final part of Chair's gorgeous-looking trilogy has just gone live on the App Store.

The Ausar Rising update contains three new quests in which you're pitted against Ausar the Vile. I mean, anyone with the epithet 'the Vile' probably deserves to be cut into little chunks.

In these new adventures, you're taken back to the castle from the original Infinity Blade, to Siris's home in Drem's Maw, and to the "legendary" Plains of Koroth.

There are nine new enemies to slice into bits with your magical swords, too. One of them is a dragon. Imagine that. I can feel a fanfic coming on.

Don't worry, though, because you're going to get 60 new items for Isa and Siris, including weapons, hats, magic rings, and all manner of other nonsense. You're going to look delightful when you take on that dragon, that's for sure.

There's a new arena survival mode that's all about pushing your luck and trying to nab bigger rewards. Plus, there's a hardcore "Deathless Quests" mode that's designed for those with the quickest sword-swiping fingers.

Oh, and there's in-game chat. So, you can tell people how many swords you did on one of the dragons. Or something like that. Christmas hats, too. Don't forget the Christmas hats.

The free Ausar Rising update for Infinity Blade III is live on the App Store right now. Go get some.

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