Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton has told Pocket Gamer that his team is "interested" in porting stealth adventure Republique to Android.

Payton says, though, that it needed to focus on the iOS version to make sure the game saw light of day in 2013.

"'Is the game coming to Android?' is probably the most common question we get," Payton says, "And Android is definitely a platform we're interested in."

"But the reason why we haven't explored Android is very similar to the reason why we haven't released the PC and Mac version alongside the iOS one. And that is basically because we've been really trying to keep the team focused.

"Putting the team's focus on not just iOS but also on Android, with all the different handsets, would have just been too much for those guys and they would have lost their focus and I think the game would have suffered."

Big Brother is watching

Republique is out now on iOS. We gave the game a Bronze Award and said that "this intriguing dystopian adventure is a solid stealth game with smart touch-friendly controls, but it's let down by a lack of variety and a painfully short running time."

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