Rovio has just updated its Gold Award-winning physics-based game Angry Birds Star Wars with 30 new levels and some bonus levels.

In these 30 fresh levels, you fling the birds around an Imperial Star Destroyer and then move on to the partially rebuilt Death Star. Look out for the new rotating laser cannons that cause huge damage.

There are two bonus levels to discover, too. You can unlock the 12th star level at 800 stars. Plus, you'll have to keep your eye out for the hidden 11th droid in these 30 new levels.


There are also four new achievements in the iOS version of Angry Birds Star Wars. Oh, and six new Star Wars characters to unlock on all platforms.

Given this is the "final" fight against the Pig Empire, you also get to take on Darth Vader and the Emperor in the boss battle at the end.

The Death Star 2 update is available right now for free on iOS, Android, and Mac. It should be available on other platforms shortly.

If you haven't picked up Angry Birds Star Wars yet, you can grab it from the App Store for iPhone [buy] or iPad [buy], or you can get it for Android on Google Play [download] for free.

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