On the one hand, you get the feeling that some game makers were just waiting for touchscreens to come along. Flicking through the menus of an old JRPG with a swipe and a tap just makes sense, for example.

On the other hand, there is Tomb Raider.

That's right - Square Enix has just released the original PSone era Tomb Raider on the App Store. So, yep, you can now blunder through Lara Croft's famous first adventure using on-screen buttons.

The game is a direct port of the original, with no trimmings to speak of. Some might describe it as charmingly rough around the edges. An SD game in an HD world.

If you've forked out for an MFi controller, then you're in better shape to enjoy the game than most. That's because you've got all those lovely buttons at your disposal to edge Lara into position, and shoot gorillas.

Tomb Raider I is available from the App Store right now, and will only set you back 69p / 99c. Not bad for a slice of gaming history. Even with those fiddly virtual controls.