Cut the Rope 2 won't be available on iOS until December 19th, but ZeptoLab is already celebrating with new content for other games in the Cut The Rope series.

Firstly, there's now a free Wild West era available in Cut the Rope: Time Travel. ZeptoLab has also added The Future era to Time Travel, which you'll be able to unlock by collecting three stars in previous levels or by just paying for it.

Furthermore, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is now available on Android for the first time ever. You can find it on Google Play [download], where it's available for free.

Lastly, fans of Cut the Rope: Experiments on iOS and Android can expect to see some new content in the "Bamboo Chutes" update scheduled for later this month.

If you haven't already, check out our preview of Cut the Rope 2 from earlier in the week.

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