Updated on December 5th, at 17:55: Even developer Benjamin Davis was surprised to find that Sushi Snake just went live on the App Store [buy].

You can purchase Sushi Snake right now, then, for £1.99 / $2.99 for iPad and iPhone.

Original story follows...

Sushi Snake
involves having to chomp through snakes to solve its puzzles. It might be a bit gross.

Continuing the legacy of Snake-inspired games, Sushi Snake has you controlling a snake and eating up all of the dots in its small, grid-based puzzles.

You just swipe in a direction anywhere on your touchscreen to move the snake around the maze. Important to note is that the snake is blocked by walls that are the same colour as its skin.

At first this will be red, but after a few levels blue dots and walls will appear. Eating the blue dots turns the snake blue, which means it can't pass through the blue walls, but is now able to move through the red walls.

Sushi Snake

After the first set of levels have been solved, you then unlock the "Multiples" levels, which have you controlling two or more snakes simultaneously. This is when Sushi Snake really starts to get clever.

You have to plan your moves to ensure that the different coloured snakes can eat the dots they're able to reach before coming to a dead end. The snakes sometimes have to chomp through each other, too.

If you do make a mistake then you can undo moves one at a time, or restart the whole puzzle.

Sushi Snake

Sushi Snake is a snazzy, quickfire puzzle game that gets smarter the further you get in. There seems to be five sets of puzzles altogether, but you'll have to discover what else it has up its sleeve yourself.

Sushi Snake will be available for iPad and iPhone soon.