The Slaughter has a string of interesting ingredients to entice your interest.

First, it's a noir-style point and click adventure. Second, it's set in Victorian London. Third, you're a private eye investigating a series of killings.

It's a combination of classic LucasArts adventure games, with darker themes apparently inspired by the works of David Lynch, Cormac McCarthy, and Max Ernst.

You play P.I. Sydney Emerson, whose pursuit of a serial killer across the seedy streets of London has him travelling across dreams and reality.

That's what developer Brainchild Games says, anyway. I'm guessing the visits to the opium dens and taverns has some influence in these hallucinations and dream sequences.

The Slaughter is apparently packed with the classic eccentricity of British archetypes, too. So it should be an amusing and dark tale, perfect for those who love a good story with some puzzles to solve.

At the moment, The Slaughter isn't confirmed for mobile. However, Brainchild notes that using the Construct 2 engine means it's possible the game will come to iOS and Android in the future.

There's only two days left of The Slaughter's Kickstarter, so if you'd like to chance a pledge in hopes of it being developed for mobile as well as PC, go for it.