Nothing screams 'quality' to gamers more than a movie tie-in.

So, you can imagine how excited we all were here at Pocket Gamer's incredibly sarcastic office complex when we heard that there will soon be a ClashMob in Infinity Blade III that's linked to upcoming Keanu Reeves blockbuster 47 Ronin.

This special slice of multiplayer action will be available from December 13th to December 24th. In it, you and your in-game pals will take on a giant grumpy samurai warrior from the film. Kill it, and all the players involved will get a shiny sword.

To participate in this ClashMob, you'll need to have the latest Infinity Blade III update, Soul Hunter, installed. Then, just head on over to the ClashMob and start slashing.

You can find more information about this 47 Ronin tie-in by wandering over to Epic's official Infinity Blade website right here.

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