In Gregg, you essentially play as a platform.

You see, you're a flat-headed little chap who needs to pop himself into gaps in the scenery to make sure sleepwalking chickens don't fall to their doom.

Though the game's cartoony look isn't exactly unique to the App Store, there's an undeniable charm in the distraught expression that spreads over Gregg's face when one of his chicken friends plummets to its death.

As well as using your own head as an impromptu walkway, you'll need to push boxes to fill in gaps. Each level is basically a clever little puzzle that you need to solve.

You can collect jigsaw puzzle pieces on each of the challenge levels, too, and you'll need to nab them all if you want to get all three stars and unlock the bonus levels.

Gregg might look a little generic, but there's some real ingenuity on show here that sets this game apart from the rest of the cutesy puzzle crowd.

Gregg is available to download right now from the App Store. And it won't cost you a penny to grab the first 20 levels and find out if this clever little puzzler is worth a play.