Bloodmasque, Square Enix’s vamp-happy action RPG, is currently free on the App Store to celebrate crossing the 500,000 download milestone.

If you're just coming up to speed with Bloodmasque, it's an Infinity Blade-meets-Dracula style slasher with the action taking place in 19th century Paris.

One of the selling points of this Unreal-powered visual feast is that you can snap a picture of yourself and use it as an in-game representation of your vampire hunting avatar.

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In our review of Bloodmasque, we found that while its "story makes it feel relatively fresh, its hack-and-slash gameplay is somewhat tiresome" before concluding that was full of "bright but half-baked ideas".

We ultimately gave it a review score of 5, but it's currently enjoying an average reader score of 8 - which means some players found enough to enjoy in Bloodmasque to justify its premium price ($6.99 / £4.99) and hefty install size (720 MB).

If you've been on the fence about Bloodmasque, this sale is a great time to download it for free - just be sure to do so before Monday, December 16.

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