ROM: Read Only Memories only has three days before its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end. As of writing, approximately $10,000 needs to be generated in order to reach the goal of $62,064.

Read Only Memories is an old-school adventure game created by some of the organisers behind GaymerX. As such, one of the driving efforts behind the game is to include a range of character with different sexual and gendered identities.

You play a journalist in the futuristic city of Neo-San Francisco. The plot kicks off when you receive a ROM with a mysterious note from a friend in the post. A ROM is described as "an intelligent device that has replaced all personal mobile technology."

The adventure continues on from this point, but if you want to see what comes of it, you may want to consider funding the game in the next few days.

ROM: Read Only Memories is set to arrive on PC, Mac, Ouya, iOS, and Android. However, there are stretch goals for Linux, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and more importantly, PS Vita.

For $11 you can get yourself an unlock code for the game on iOS or Android.

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