In some ways, KingHunt isn't a massive step up from Fruit Ninja. It follows the same slicey-swipey patterns, asking you to chain together combos of cut-up-things, and avoid dicing the bombs and traps that it flings at you from time to time.

But it adds a combative element to proceedings, tossing knights and other warriors into the fray and letting them have a slash at you if you don't cut them down to size in time.

There are boss battles, health potions, and a level of polish that even Halfbrick would be proud of.

Knight ninja

The game is broken up into a series of levels. Each has a different theme and a different set of characters and objects to throw at you. All you need to do is swipe your finger around the screen to hack them to pieces.

Hacking apart multiple objects at the same time gets you a combo, and a higher score. It also helps fill up a bar that grants you special moves if you slice the right power-ups. These are automatic, and range from meteor showers to bursts that freeze your foes in place.

Another bar fills up gradually as you hack and slash your way through the level, and when it's full a trio of numbers leap onto the screen to herald the arrival of a boss. This giant monster requires some intense slashing to put down, but kill it and you'll unlock the next level.

There are bonus levels too that let you unlock various trophies, and challenges to complete once you've got the hang of the slashing basics.

Cut up

While KingHunt doesn't add much, what it does bring to the table makes for an altogether more exciting experience. Things are more frantic when you know missing a slice might spell your doom, and the bite-sized levels contain just the right amount of fun and challenge to keep you playing.

This isn't a revolution, but as arcade action games with a touchscreen flavour go, you'll be hard pressed to find another one that's quite as polished, quite as exciting, and quite as much fun.