After having won a few awards for The Walking Dead: The Game, Telltale Games has seemingly become the new hot studio for franchise holders and publishers to work with.

Gearbox Games and 2K are the latest, and have joined up with Telltale to work on Tales from the Borderlands.

It's to be a new story-driven episodic adventure game series from Telltale based on Gearbox's Borderlands series.

You can expect to see more of the planet Pandora, as well as all new characters in Tales of Borderlands when it arrives on PC, Mac, and - most importantly - "mobile devices" in 2014.

Tales of the Borderlands

The announcement of Tales from the Borderlands wasn't the only one that Telltale had on Saturday night during VGX (formerly known as the Video Game Awards).

Telltale will also be creating an adventure game series based on HBO show Game of Thrones, also debuting in 2014. That one's also coming to "mobile devices".

This adds to the games Telltale is already working on, which includes The Walking Dead: Season 2, and The Wolf Among Us.