Remember those neat-looking Pokemon X and Y bundles that we saw on a Dutch retail site?

Well, it turns out they're on their way to North America this Friday, December 6, at a suggested retail price of $150.00.

The bundle comes with a 2DS system with a digital copy of the Platinum Award-winning either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y installed on it. Target will offer the exclusive Pokemon X bundle, while Toys "R" Us will sell the Pokemon Y bundle.

Infuriatingly to obsessive-compulsives, however, Nintendo bundled Pokemon Y (the 'red' game) with a blue 2DS, while Pokemon X (the 'blue' one) comes with a red handheld.

The savings on the bundle are quite good, as a new 2DS will set you back about $130 and a copy of Pokemon X/Y retails for $39.99 - so you wind up saving about $20.00.

In our review of Pokemon X and Y, we called it "A true evolution of the series" and said it was "the most important, expansive, exciting monster-battling title since the earlier days of the franchise."

If you don't have the hardware to play it on - and you live in North America - these bundles a great opportunity to snatch up a Nintendo gaming handheld and see what all the fuss is about.

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