How's your first year been as mayor of your own city in Pixel People?

Pleasant, I hope. Even if, well, it hasn't, your Pixel People life is about to get a whole load more delightful.

That's because LambdaMu Games and Chillingo have just rolled out a Winter Wonderland update for Pixel People.

Snow business
So, there are new genes, new buildings, new decor, and new landscaping options to help you make your snowy city appropriately festive.

Alongside the snow, there are new activities, such as helping friends keep the Grinch out of their towns and collecting reindeer to foster the festive spirit.

For the ultimate in Christmas delights, though, you'll need to watch out for Santa riding his sleigh overhead.

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As we're apparently entering the season of giving, you can now share any premium purchased upgrades with your friends. You just have to visit their city and hand them your gift.

Pixel People is still completely free to download on the App Store. If you're looking for some Christmas cheer, consider giving it a look.

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