It's not just iOS gamers who celebrate Christmas, you know. That's why we thought our third advent calendar freebie should represent some of the minority groups that like to game mobile-ly.

No, BlackBerry Gamer, not you.

Right now on PlayStation Mobile, you can grab not one, not three, but two pretty impressive games for nowt.

Gunning for you

The first is Gun Commando, a retro FPS that got a Bronze Award from us when we reviewed it on iOS.

Our main gripe with this one was the control system, which is a bit sloppy on touchscreen. The game is, however, much more impressive when you've got some sticks and buttons to hand.

Then, there's Mononoke Slashdown, a fast and violent side-scrolling hack 'n' slasher that's pretty simple and poorly translated. Still, it's a decent reason to mash some buttons and cut up some ninjas.

Check back tomorrow when we'll have another freebie for you to unwrap, look at gloomily, toss in a drawer, and ignore forever.