Ridge Racer is 20 years old now. And according to Namco Bandai, that's something worth celebrating.

How do game developers normally celebrate a series milestone? By announcing a new game in the franchise, of course.

We've been told that Ridge Racer Slipstream is a new entry in the series, and the first to appear on iOS and Android. It should be with us later this month.

Ridge Racer Slipstream would seem to represent an amalgam of features present in most other racing games on mobile.

So, yep, there will be a Career Mode and an Arcade Mode with three types of race (Regular / Quick / Knockout). Namco Bandai will add a multiplayer mode post-launch.

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There will be 108 different racing competitions (across six Grand Prix Series) and 20 different tracks in Ridge Racer Slipstream. Saying that, ten of those tracks are simply mirror images of the original ten.

Car customisation appears to be an important element in this game. So, you'll be spending most of your time outside of races swapping out colours, rims, body kits, and vinyls.

Ridge Racer Slipstream will be powered by a tailor-made engine (no pun intended) that's supposed to ensure the game looks the best it can on your mobile or tablet. You'll be able to judge that one for yourself soon enough.

Having watched the announcement trailer above a couple of times now, though, it seems as though the most defining feature of Ridge Racer Slipstream will be the way in which the cars seem to almost take off. Whack on nitro and find a bump, and your car will fly up into the sky. A bit like in this, perhaps?

Ridge Racer Slipstream will speed onto iOS and Android later this month.

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