He's best known as the developer of Skrillex Quest, but indie game maker Jason Oda has moved into weirder, more artsy territory with his latest game, Continue?9876543210.

Out today, this iOS adventure game bases its visual style on Sword & Sworcery. But that's mostly where the comparison ends.

Continue?9876543210 starts with a video game character dying in a very dramatic (and potentially seizure-inducing) opening sequence.

From here, you take on this character and wander the Random Access Memory of the computer they once lived inside. Your goal is to find peace before they're deleted by the Null entirely.

The whole game is a bit of a riddle and is hard to follow. Combine that with the tiny on-screen controls, and the extremely fast running speed of your character, and the opening isn't too welcoming.

However, the game is intriguing enough to carry on for a short while, simply because you want to find out what is going on.

I'm not sure myself after a brief play session. But it seems that you travel to different areas of the Random Access Memory, to gather the Lighting and Prayers of the strang people who live there.

Each time you travel to these settlements, you're chased by the minions of the Null, and you'll get in slightly awkward sidescrolling battles with them and your sword.

There's a few other gameplay variants such as boss battles, and more gentle philosophical musings during which you're invited to remember comforting times in your life.

In short, Continue?9876543210 is a bit of a strange one, as if that's not obvious. It seems to mix weird with being incoherent and off-putting at times, which could be a problem.

I'd recommend waiting for a full review before trying it out. But if you want to give it a look, it will cost you £2.49 / $3.99 on the App Store [buy].