In Robotube Games's forthcoming iOS and Ouya puzzle game Destructamundo, you will have to aid an alien race by harvesting resources left behind by planets said alien race blows up with warheads.

Still following?

Each of Destructamundo's 72 puzzles will consist of formations of planets with clockwise-orbiting satellites.

By firing off a well-placed warhead with a single tap, you will be able to cause a chain reaction of explosions that causes utter devastation.

The challenge will lie in blowing all of the planets up with the fewest amount of warheads you can.

Your explosive exploits will be punctuated by the musical cues of Robotube parent company Gaijin Games's soundtrack, whom you'll remember for its rhythm-based Bit.Trip games.

On trickier levels, by the way, you may require power-ups to complete the task. If you're an efficient destroyer of worlds, you'll be rewarded with gold stars, and the knowledge that your species has survived.

If you're eager to get started with the destruction of the cosmos, you don't have long to wait. Destructamundo will be heading to iOS and Ouya in early 2014.