CheckMyBAWSAQ isn't the name of testicular cancer awareness campaign. Although, maybe it should be. No - it's actually a new app that lets GTA V players keep a close eye on the in-game stock market.

If you're a GTA V player, you'll be aware that it's possible to buy stocks of companies in the BAWSAQ market. If you do have stocks then it's in your best interests to sell them when the company starts depreciating in order to retain profit.

But you can't be playing GTA V all day, unfortunately. Hence, CheckMyBAWSAQ allows you to check the value of your stocks where ever you are, providing your iPhone is with you.

You can also set push notifications to companies to let you know when its stock is rising or falling. With this information, you can buy or sell stock accordingly.

If you're a GTA V player and are into making money through the stock market, CheckMyBAWSAQ seems to be an essential app.

It's free on the App Store [download] as well, so you've got nothing to lose.