You'd think that in the month of December, with Christmas on the horizon, the 3DS and Vita release library would explode.

You'd only be half-right. In reality, most developers are winding down for the holidays, and don't particularly want to worry about game releases during this period.

Still, there are some exciting things out in December for both platforms. So if a friend or parent says "Shall I can you a video game for Christmas?", you can answer, "Yes, that might be a good idea actually."

Check out what December has to offer us.

Nintendo 3DS

3D Sega Classics
By Sega - heading to 3DS throughout December

I've collected these ones together, rather than listing them separately, since they are all in the same vein. During December, we'll see some classic Sega games re-released with stereoscopic 3D visuals, which is a bit exciting.

The schedule looks like this: 3D Sonic The Hedgehog - December 5th, 3D Altered Beast - December 5th, 3D Ecco the Dolphin - December 12th, 3D Galaxy Force II - December 12th, 3D Shinobi III - December 19th, 3D Streets of Rage December 19th.

Bravely Default
By Square Enix - heading to 3DS on December 6th in Europe

When is a Final Fantasy game not a Final Fantasy game? When it's Bravely Default: a turn-based RPG heavily inspired by the classic FF franchise.

We've been waiting on this one for quite some time - and Americans still have to wait until next February to get their hands on it. Expect a review very soon.

Scribblenauts Unlimited
By 5th Cell - heading to 3DS on December 6th

Hey, remember when I reviewed Scribblenauts Unlimited? Probably not, since it was exactly a year ago, and it was a review of the US release.

Europe is finally getting a European release, which is a rather large delay. But it's also great news, as this word-toting bag of "draw anything" is quite the delight.

By Renegade Kid - heading to 3DS in December

It's possible that we'll see the latest release from Mutant Mudds studio Renegade Kid this month, and we're hoping this is the case, as this retro-styled platformer is looking rather good.

You play as a band of adventurers who have been marooned on an island, and must collect treasure to survive. Expect some pretty hardcore action, like in the good old days.

PS Vita

Rainbow Moon
By SideQuest Studios - heading to Vita on December 3rd

This tactical RPG was originally a PlayStation 3 game, and saw players crawling through dungeons and battling enemies every step of the way.

We're hoping that for this PS Vita version, the amount of grind we saw in last year's edition has been reduced somewhat. Still, definitely one to watch out for.

Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God
By Compile Heart - heading to Vita on December 10th in the US

Here's another Japanese dungeon crawler for you to take a chomp on. Weirdly, the game follows a magic student who is collecting ingredients to save a curry shop from being closed down.

If you think that's strange, the special edition of the game comes with a bib, plastic spoon, and plate. Worth watching out for this one - it's bound to be a bit bizarre.

By Re-Logic - heading to Vita in December

Terraria has been out on PC for a rather long time now, but Vita gamers will finally get the chance to tackle this side-scrolling Minecraft meets Castlevania mashup in the next couple of weeks.

I played this for dozens of hours when it first released, and I'm a bit scared about getting addicted to it all over again. Watch out for a review soon.

Doki-Doki Universe
By HumaNature Studios - heading to Vita in December

I'm rather excited by this one. It's from Greg Johnson, the guy who made Mega Drive classic Toejam and Earl, and you play as a robot who is left stranded on an asteroid.

The game revolves around seeing how much "humanity" the robot can feel, which just sounds like a great set-up for a game. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.