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Is naked-man-on-a-bike simulator a genre? Well, it is now.

You see, the naked-man-on-a-bike simulator Icycle: On Thin Ice has just gone live on the App Store for 69p / 99c.

It's an abstract and surreal platformer from prolific publisher Chillingo and UK designer chappy Reece "Damp Gnat" Millidge, who previously made iPad mini golf mind-bender Wonderputt.

You'll be riding your tiny bicycle through wintery wonderlands, into the ocean, through the bowels of hell, and even into hero Dennis's rattled subconscious. You'll also be finishing challenges, collecting currency, and upgrading your wardrobe.

You can see the game in motion above. I talk about the monetisation in the game and repeatedly fail at a really easy bit (much to my personal embarrassment).