Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is live on the App Store and the Google Play Store, meaning you can now step back onto the Blue Planet.

The episodic game was originally released for smartphones in Japan in 2008, with new content released on a monthly basis.

Since then, it's been released for Wii, and as part of the Silver Award-winning FFIV: The Complete Collection for PSP.

This time around, though, the game is much swankier, for it's been given the same 3D graphical overhaul as the iOS and Android version of Final Fantasy IV.

In the game itself, Square Enix focuses on the re-appearance of the Second Moon, and tells the story in bite-sized chunks centred on different characters.

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Most of your favourites from FFIV are here, and several important NPCs from that game have had their status raised to even-more-important PCs here.

There are lots of random battles to fight, while the different phases of the moon determine the powers you can use and the monsters against which you're going to be fighting.

Plus, there's the "Band" system. This enables you to join together members of your party to unleash super-powerful attacks against your foes.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is out right now on the App Store, and will set you back £10.99 / $15.99 [download]. It's also available on the Google Play Store for the same price [download].

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