DogByte Games's Gold Award-winning Minecraft-meets-Trials off-road game Blocky Roads impressed us earlier this month on iOS.

Now Android players have the chance to take this create-your-own-car racing game for a spin. That's right: Blocky Roads is available on the Amazon Appstore [buy] for £1.23 / $1.99.

You play a farmer who drives across rough terrains to reclaim parts of his farm that got blown away in a tornado.

It's a game of endurance rather than speed, as you try to ensure your vehicle doesn't flip over or run out of fuel. If it does, then you can upgrade some stats or buy a new car.

We said in our review of the game that Blocky Roads is a "consummately executed physics racer with a chunky Minecraft aesthetic and an irresistible just-one-more-go factor". Give it one more go, then.

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