When Simon Hason ported his slow-paced puzzle-like shooter Tactical Assassin to mobile, it was undermined by shoddy controls.

Regardless, the concept of the game has large appeal. It's all about picking out your target from a distance and then waiting for the perfect moment to take your shot.

Fortunately, Hason hasn't given up on making the concept live up to its potential on mobile. To that end, he recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $9,000 to finish off the series finale, Lonewolf.

In Lonewolf, you once again play a trained killer. You'll travel across the world using sniper rifles, knives, pistols, and other tools to kill your targets.

Sniping will be your main activity, though. This involves your having to adjust shots according to wind and distance. The other missions, including "Dream" sequences, provide some variety.

With the requested Kickstarter funding, Hason can add extra missions to the game on top of the 24 that are apparently already finished.

The rewards for backing Hason's Kickstarter campaign include dog tags, a digital booklet, and the chance to design a mission for the game.

You can't purchase a copy of Lonewolf through Kickstarter, however. That's because it will be available for free on iOS and Android in 2014.