Lords of Waterdeep is a new digital adaptation of a Dungeons & Dragons boardgame in which all of the focus is on the exciting bits of life in a fantasy kingdom.

Speaking of exciting, Lords of Waterdeep has just gone live on the New Zealand App Store. That means UK and US iOS gamers will be able to download it at midnight.

In Lords of Waterdeep, you manage the different districts of a city using shadowy agents to pursue business interests. You can construct new buildings, too. Imagine that.

The game is a turn-based strategy experience in which you and up to four other friends vie for control of the titular city. If you don't have many friends, you can play against AI opponents instead.

Dragon's den

The physical version of the game won the 2013 Origins Award for Best Boardgame, so it's fair to say expectations are high regarding this digital interpretation.

If you're looking for an iOS boardgame that might have dragons in it but requires a bit more grey matter than just rolling a die and hoping for the best, then Lords of Waterdeep should be right up your street.

The game will land on the UK and App Stores at midnight tonight, and will set you back £3.99 / $6.99. Which is pretty cheap.