We've known that Minecraft is definitely coming to Vita for a few months now.

But some players were concerned with whether the Vita version would be the Pocket Edition of the game available on mobiles, or the PS3 / Xbox 360 edition.

Why worry? Well, the Pocket Edition is really only a slice of what Minecraft is all about. Whereas the console versions are the full game, albeit they're always a little bit behind the the latest PC version.

Fear not Vita players, Jens "Jeb" Bergernsten of Mojang took to Reddit for a questionnaire a few weeks ago, where he said:

"Short answer is that the Vita will use the code base for consoles, and not from Pocket Edition."

Another question in the same Reddit thread concerned whether or not Minecraft would ever make its way to Windows Phone in any form.

"Currently the problem is that Windows Phone uses a different API for rendering (DirectX vs OpenGL), and the Minecraft code has bad separation between the game logic and rendering," explained Bergensten.

"We are not saying "no", but it's currently not being worked on, as it's a big project to fix." Keep those fingers crossed.


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