Walking down your local highstreet among the rush of Christmas shoppers and opportunist sellers can be treacherous, but it's nothing compared to the harsh world of Isle of Bxnes.

Set during the era of cavemen, cannibals, and feral beasts, Isle of Bxnes is a stone age action-RPG in which one foul swoop from an enemy can kill your character forever.

Fortunately, if you've kept the rest of your tribe busy back at your camp, you'll have an army of offspring to supersede you.

Isle of Bxnes is survival of the fittest in its most ruthless setting, then. You need to forage and hunt for food, and fight for territory to get further access to the depleting resources.

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Level randomization ensures that when you're exploring the islands, you're fearful of the unknown that lies ahead.

You should make sure to prepare for the worst when choosing which skill paths to level your hunter through, too. All of your preparation and planning is vital when death is just a second away.

Isle of Bxnes is now available on Google Play [buy] at £1.87 / $2.99.

The developer's original plan was to launch the game on the App Store today as well, but it had to be resubmitted to Apple before getting approval. It still may not have approval yet, in fact. We'll let you know the situation there once we find out.