Dogs are literally everywhere in console gaming right now. You can't so much as complete an underwhelming soldier sim sequel without having to play as a dog for a bit.

GTA V has a dog, Watch Dogs is all about watching dogs, you kill a dog in Battlefield 4, there was a dog in an Xbox One video (maybe).

Here at Pocket Gamer's kennel complex, we pride ourselves on staying up to speed on current video gaming trends. That's why we thought we'd compile a list of the best dogs in iOS gaming. And definitely not just the first five that popped into our heads.

Before you embark on woofing down this fine list, then, make sure you've got some pedigree chums around you. And don't forget to poodle on over to the comments section below with your own top iOS canine or ten.

Those were dog puns. What you muttering about? Bite me.

Tongue Tied

I had this as two entries on the list, in truth. Apparently, that's cheating, though. I've been told I need to stop bending the rules... otherwise the journalism police will get me.

Tongue Tied is about two dogs that are literally tongue tied.

You swoop and dribble around, using the quite unsettling connection between the two canines to navigate through some tricky platforming levels.

There are no guns or bombs or night vision goggles to wear, mind.


The dog in Fetch isn't in Fetch very much, but there is a dog in Fetch, so Fetch totally counts.

In fact, if there wasn't a dog in Fetch, it'd be a really boring game about a lonely boy wandering around in the rain.

The dog in Fetch gets kidnapped, you see, and it's up to you to try and get it back. You don't use sniper rifles to do it, however. Instead, you use the power of your brain.

And I think there's some jumping, too. There probably aren't any stealth kills in it, though.


I have no idea what Paladog! is. Give me a second.

Oh! Paladog!

It's a game about a dog that's a knight. For some reason, the aforementioned dog-knight leads an army of mice or rats into battle against zombies. My word - video games are stupid.

In this lane defence game, you charge against some undead creatures, smashing up their houses and then stealing their stuff.

And there's a horse that's small enough for a dog to sit on. We gave this game a Gold Award, so it's probably quite good.


Mimpi is like the reverse Fetch. You're a dog looking for a human. Not to eat her. Nope, it's because you like humans and they feed you.

Mainly because they feed you, I expect.

It's a sweet and occasionally tough puzzley platforming adventure. Oh, and there's a bit where you're in a bubble and swordfish try to pop the bubble because they love you.

I bet you don't get that in your silly Call of Duty: Goats game.

Word Up Dog

Is there really a game called that? Yes. Yes, there is. Otherwise, well, I wouldn't be able to put it on this here list.

The dog in it is super-cool, by the way, and is in no way one of the most embarrassing characters created in a long time. He's like Poochie.

Word Up Dog is part-arcade action, part-word game, all bone guzzling. It's got super-awesome hip hop overtones, too, which means it's way more party than all the other games on the list.

You can stuff your pockets full of great dogs now.

No need to thank me. Or call the journalism police.

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