Updated on November 8th, at 15:00: It turns out that Call to Arms isn't out everywhere. It's just out in North America and Canada. But the rest of the story is still true. Honest.

We'll keep you updated on when the game hits App Stores in the rest of the world.

Original story follows...

The problem with Clash of Clans is it just doesn't have enough rocket launchers in it.

Trust me - rocket launchers are NOT in short supply in GREE's Call to Arms. At all.

In this game, GREE takes a Clash of Clans-esque template (build bases and alliances as you strengthen your army, then take out other players in light strategic scraps) but constructs a game of tanks and snipers around it.

So, your cute cartoon characters wield bazookas, grenades, and rifles, while your bases have gun emplacements and helicopter landing pads.

You can simulate attacks on your base to check how tight your defences are, and you can steal resources from your foes to increase your in-game standing.

There's stuff to unlock, weapons to create, and all manner of things to post on Facebook to annoy your friends.

Call to Arms is up on the App Store right now. It won't cost you a thing to stick it on your iPad or iPhone.