Supercell has just updated its free-to-play juggernaut Clash of Clans with a raft of new features that I couldn't claim to understand with any real confidence.

You can now upgrade all explosive traps, for one thing. Oh, and traps now stay put after use so you can re-arm them with a tap. Supercell has tweaked the pricing and balance of bombs and giant bombs, too.

There's something called "Tier 1 terror in Town Hall 10", which could be written in another language for all I know. You also get level 12 Archer Towers and level 6 Goblins, which are probably advantageous to someone, somewhere.

Spells are now created with elixir instead of gold. And four hours of spell factory boosting now only costs 20 gems, which I'm sure is either a terrific deal or a terrible deal.

This latest Clash of Clans update, which is only live on iOS right now, also includes other tweaks, bug fixes, and balancing changes. You can see the entire changelog for this Gold Award-winning strategy game at Supercell's forum.

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