While Blocky Roads shares its look with Minecraft, it actually plays like a simplified MotoHeroz, or Trials game.

It's a sidescrolling 3D racer about traversing the bumpy, slippy, and fiery terrains of this blocky world. All the while, your goal is to collect parts of your farm that a tornado ripped away.

You spend most of your time riding the accelerator of your off-road vehicle, occasionally slamming the pedal down to boost uphill. The brake is only really used to prevent flipping upside-down.

Crash into the dirt too many times, or you run out of fuel, and you'll fail the level. Luckily, collecting coins allows you to purchase upgrades for your car, so that next time you can get further.

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As you conquer the 12 tracks, you'll unlock better cars. After completing the third level, you also unlock the Car Editor. With this, you can create your own car, block-by-block.

I found the Car Editor a little tedious. Spending my coins and time on upgrading the nine other cars, and unlocking more levels suited me better.

Blocky Roads is available on the App Store [buy] for £1.49 / $1.99. The Android version should be hitting the Amazon App Store and Google Play later this month.

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