The word "spoilers" is in the headline of this story, but just to be clear if you read much past this point you might have your Pokemon X and Y gameplay spoiled for you.

Still on board? Good!

Pokemon fan site reports that a talented fan has uncovered three mysterious Pokemon buried in the code of the Pocket Gamer Platinum Award-winning Pokemon X and Y.

There are no details as to how to obtain these Pokemon just yet, but we're guessing that they'll be event-specific releases like Meloetta was for Pokemon Black/White.

Of course, they might also be 'mon that Game Freak planned to put into the games but then decided to scrap at the last minute.

We highly doubt that's the case, however, and look forward to adding these three to our ever-expanding Pokedexes.

#719 Diancie
#720 Volcanion
#721 Hoopa

We're guessing that at least one - Diancie - is a new Fairy type, and our vaunted intellects tell us that Volcanion probably has something to do with fire.

But how about you, Pokemon news-obsessed reader? Any guesses as to the types of these three?

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