What would you do if three angry bears discovered a child in their cabin? Would you bat an eyelid if a baby monster was drowning in the vat it spawned from?

In light-hearted visual novel, Monster Loves You, these are the sort of moral decisions you'll have to make. And you'll react to every situation life throws at you by picking from a series of choices.

It's the latest game from Radial Games, who teamed up with Dejobaan (creators of Silver Award-winning base jump sim AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) to bring it to life.

You begin with a monster that is born out of slime in the vat, like all monsters. But yours will be unique as its stats change in accordance to your choices.

If you're merciless and attack others, your monster's Ferocity will rise. Treat others as you hope to be treated yourself, and your Respect and Kindness will go up.

As your monster goes through the different stages of growing up, you'll be edging ever closer to having to manage the fate of all monsterkind.

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Along the amusing, and sometimes treacherous journey, you'll encounter characters from various fairy tales. Haven't you always wanted a chance to meet the three little pigs, or help out Hansel and Gretel.

Or gobble them all up?

There are over 900 decisions to make in Monster Loves You, and several different endings can be found by creating all new types of monster personalities.

Your first choice, though, is whether to buy Monster Loves You or not. It launches on the App Store [buy] and Google Play today at a price of £1.99 / $2.99.