I don't really like poker. Possibly because I don't really understand it.

But if you want to get me interested in your poker game, then chucking some tanks into the whole casino experience isn't a bad idea.

And that's exactly what prolific one-man PlayStation Mobile developer Thomas Hopper has done in his new game Super Tank Poker.

At its core, it's an Advance Wars-style turn-based strategy title. It's just that there's some poker-powered combat in there, too.

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Instead of unit stats being the determining factor in combat, you see, it all comes down to the poker.

"With the right advantages and enough luck," Hopper says, "any unit could best any other."

Hopper is now into double figures in terms of PlayStation Mobile creations. His free monochrome adventure Shuttle Quest 2000 and the Bronze Award-winning Super Skull Smash GO! are definitely worth checking out.

To download Super Tank Poker, meanwhile, head to the 'PlayStation Mobile' tab of the Vita Store and let initiative and common sense be your guide.