In its latest update to iTunes Connect, Apple has given iOS game developers even more control over the leaderboards of their iOS games, making weeding out cheats and deleting illegitimately obtained scores even easier.

iOS devs can now block suspected cheats from posting on leaderboards, too. Once you've been 'caught', you're not going to be able to cheat again with the same Game Center handle.

Furthermore, iOS game devs can now view and manage the top 100 scores.

Before now, you see, only Apple had been able to make these kind of changes to Game Center leaderboards. Hopefully, then, we'll see swifter resolutions to the problems of falsely inflated high scores.

Developers were actually given more tools in Game Center in iOS 7 at the end of last month to tackle cheaters. We hope Apple continues to arm them with weapons in the same vein as it has today.

Touch Arcade [via AppleInsider]