Costume Quest, Double Fine's trick-or-treat-'em-up adventure, has received a Halloween discount on iPhone and iPad. Down from an already palatable £2.99 / $4.99, it now sits at a mere £1.99 / $2.99.

The game is essentially a love letter to JRPG combat and the charm of childhood imagination, with simplistic Halloween costumes possessing true transformative power over the trick-or-treating kiddies who wear them.

There was a slightly bewildering backlash from some corners of the internet about Costume Quest's iOS pricing (itself already significantly decreased from the console and PC versions).

Now discounted even further, perhaps this temporary price will win some over. Let us know.

Our review said: "Costume Quest is a witty, warm, and altogether wonderful adventure that will leave you on a sugary high." It received a score of 8, which is a Pocket Gamer Silver Award if you lost your decoder ring.