Cliffhanger Productions specialises in free-to-play games, with a proven catalogue including Shadowrun Online and Jagged Alliance Online.

Its next online, free-to-play title is AERENA, which just launched on Google Play [download] in its alpha state, so it's not feature complete.

The reason for the odd title is due to the game being set during an alternate Ætherpunk age of mad science and military marvel. Cliffhanger says it's "a twisted reality of Tesla-meets-Dr. Frankenstein dieselpunk".

The result is a tactical, turn-based strategy game that takes place upon airborne arenas. You choose your Champions from a pool of over 40, and upgrade them how you like.

Battles are initiated by piloting your ship to one of grid-based battle arenas in the sky, and engaging the opponent parked up opposite. You also draw upon your ship's abilities to support your team.

What's really got my attention is the creativity and diversity in the Champions, that are battling it out for the "ultimate resource".

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One is a human-fly hybrid that spews electricity at its opponents. Another is a huge man-mech that fist-stomps its opponents to the ground.

And then there's the Frankenstein's monster-like that pulls enemies towards it with a chain, as if it's Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Each character clearly has a very unique skillset and personality.

AERENA comes with solo play if you need practice, but the meat of the game is to be found in the online battles. As the game is cross-platform you can expect to find opponents battling on Android as well as PC.

AERENA is available now and despite being in alpha, it's plenty playable.