The Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning footie sim New Star Soccer is the sort of game you love to love.

Created by a single man, Simon Read, this underdog David shot past FIFA 13's Goliath to snag a BAFTA for Best Sports/Fitness Game earlier this year.

It also snagged the top-grossing spot on the UK App Store and restored Read's faith in his game design skills.

Now, Read's looking ahead to a follow-up for New Star Soccer, and he's thinking about bringing it to screens not ruled by the App Store or Google Play.

A heck of a boot

Sister site just published a full studio profile on Read's New Star Games, where he talked extensively about the design process of New Star Soccer and how he passed on "lottery winning type amounts" of money from publishers who wanted to buy him out.

He passed on those offers, thankfully, and is still in sole control of New Star Soccer - which is a good bit of news to those who enjoyed the original.

Although the proposed sequel is still in the hypothetical stages, Read notes that his team "definitely want to do a full sequel, probably something that will span all consoles, handheld devices and touch screen devices."

It's still more of a 'maybe' than a definite, but Read gives New Star Soccer fans a glimmer of real hope by stating, "That's the plan, that's the idea. And slowly but surely we're putting it all together so hopefully that's the future."

If you'd like to read the full studio profile on New Star Games which details Read’s experiences as an independent developer, head on over to