There's no shortage of endless-runners on mobile.

This doesn't mean that every offering available to you is actually any good, but on the whole you can expect things to be largely uniform.

So what does Run Mummy Run bring to the table that others don't?

Playing as a bandaged mummy, you've got the choice of embarking on a Story mode that spans three areas. Each area comes with six levels for you to bound, slide, and double-jump through.

However, if you'd rather just have some fun you can opt for the unstructured endless-runner mode that randomly generates a never-ending level for you to get through.

Run Mummy Run is also rather slick in terms of level design with obstacles strategically placed to have you dancing through levels as you slide under low-hanging objects and jump over steps and totems.

You'll be graded on your performance in a level by the time you take to complete it and how many floating coins you managed to nab on your way to the exit.

However, what really holds this back from being something special is its rather clunky and somewhat unresponsive controls. As you can imagine, they take the shine off some enjoyable levels.

Still, it's an enjoyable effort from the guys at Baltoro Games and definitely worth having a look at if you're a fan of endless-runners.