It's been five years since we took control of Phoenix Wright, stood in that well-worn courtroom, and shouted "Objection!" into our Nintendo DS.

Sure, there were spin-offs, with Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth getting some time in the limelight - but really, we wanted a bit of Phoenix back in our lives.

Dual Destinies, which launches today, is a new entry into the series in which we finally take control of the master lawyer all over again. In celebration, we've compiled a list of the best Ace Attorney characters over the years (minus Phoenix Wright, of course.)

Have we missed out your favourite character? Let us know in the comments!

Dick Gumshoe

Is Dick Gumshoe the best Phoenix Wright character? Quite possibly. This adsent-minded homicide detective attempts to help Phoenix out on numerous occasions, but often completely misses the point.

Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth can't really stand the fellow, but we've got quite the soft spot for him. He's lovable and silly, and injects plenty of laughs into the franchise.

Miles Edgeworth

Speaking of Edgeworth, Miles is definitely up there as one of the best chief prosecutors in the Phoenix Wright series. Not only is he friends with Phoenix, but he eventually finds himself on the side of justice, rather than just looking to win the case for his client.

Of course, it was Phoenix who ended Miles' four-year perfect win record, so there's no doubt some animosity bottled up. Miles also has his own spin-off game series.

Franziska von Karma

When you first battle against Miles, he feels like he's a cold-hearted butcher. Then you meet Franziska, and realize you didn't even know how ugly it could get.

Becoming a prosecutor at the age of just 13, Franziska von Karma utilizes her whip to its full potential, usually across Phoenix's face. She's ruthless, yet you still get to see her human side peeking through every now and again.

The Judge

It's pretty incredible that we still don't know the name of the judge who presides over the majority of cases in the Phoenix Wright franchise - yet here we are all these years later, calling him "The Judge".

This bald-headed chap plays a massive part in the franchise's overwhelming charm, often having to be led by the hand to a conclusion, and constantly being coerced in decisions by the prosecution. Still, you've gotta love him.

Wendy Oldbag

A recurring nuisance (or highlight, depending on how you look at it), Wendy Oldbag will absolutely talk your ear off if you give her the chance.

Given how scary she is, it's no surprise that she takes on a number of security guard positions throughout the Phoenix Wright series - although it's rather suspicious that she always seems to be on the scene when a murder goes down.

Bobby Fulbright

A new addition to the Phoenix Wright saga, Bobby Fulbright is essentially a more annoying version of Dick Gumshoe. He's a detective who, for some reason, likes to give all the evidence to the prosecution but not the defense.

That's fine, though, because he's a bit dense, truth be told. He'll regularly break down sobbing when you break down his testimony and find the real truth - although there's more to this white-suited man than meets the eye...


Coffee-swiging prosecutor Godot wasn't always a scary visor-wearing fellow. He was previously a defense lawyer called Diego Armando, working alongside Phoenix Wright's mentor Mia Fey.

Following the death of Mia, however, Diego made the decision to turn prosecutor and don that visor of death. His bout with Phoenix later comes to a head, with an explosion and a murder.

Trucy Wright

Trucy is Phoenix's adopted daughter, who pops up in the series several titles in. She's a magician, who works with Phoenix at his Wright Anything Agency.

She's a fairly strange character all round, but perhaps the oddest fact about Trucy is that she has "magic panties", out of which she can allegedly pull anything. Ooh-er.

Klavier Gavin

Klavier Gavin first features as part of the Apollo Justice spin-off, and is part-prosecutor, part-rockstar. In fact, he's the lead singer for his own band, The Gavinners.

Like Miles Edgeworth, Klavier is more interested in finding the truth than getting a conviction. His past ruffles with Phoenix Wright make for a pretty remarkable storyline.

Mia Fey

This list wouldn't be complete without the lawyer who started it all. Mia Fey was Phoenix's mentor, and he inherited her firm after she was murdered - along with a handful of family members, too.

Although Mia is quickly killed off before we even have a chance to get to know her properly, her legacy lives on through Phoenix - and those who know the franchise back-to-front know that isn't the last we see of her, either.