The iPad Air wasn't the only tablet at Apple's keynote. It also unveiled a new iPad mini with a Retina display.

It's still got that tiny 7.9 inch display, but now it shares the same absurd 2048 x 1536 resolution as the full-size iPad. It's also got an A7 chip, like the iPad Air and iPhone 5S, advanced wi-fi tech.

It's still thin - 0.29 inches thick - and light - 0.73 pounds - and has the same 10 hour battery life.

It comes in space grey and silver, and will debut around the world in November. Prices start at £319 / $399 for a 16GB wi-fi version (it goes all the way up to 128GB), or £419 / $529 for a 4G mini.

iPad Mini

The original, non Retina mini, can now be yours for £249 / $299 with wi-fi or £349 / $429 on 4G. It only comes in 16GB.