All told, DogByte Games has a decent pedigree on the App Store. I mean, it made Silver Award-winning 8bit Ninja, and the Bronze Award-winning Offroad Legends and Redline Rush.

You'd never guess what the next DogByte title is, though.

If you said "another racing game", you were close. Blocky Roads is, in fact, a Minecraft-style car crafting and racing game.

You're a farmer who was recently a victim of a tornado that tore your entire farm apart and scattered the parts all around the world.

Blocky Roads

Looking on the bright side of life, though, you take off to gather all of the parts across 12 tracks (with four additional challenge tracks).

Once you've completed the third track, you'll unlock the Car Editor so that you can build and paint your own car, block-by-block.

Altogether, Blocky Roads has nine vehicles that you can create. Plus, you can customise your character.

You can expect Blocky Roads to accelerate onto mobile next month.

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