The updates for Gold Award-winning New Star Soccer just keep on coming. Today saw the 1.52 update add more career options and extra tweaks to the game. You can find noteworthy details below.

You'll be able to header the ball during matches now, at long last. I don't know if this is connected, but if you're getting a headache then the new retirement option may be appealing.

You'll also notice that there's now three career slots, and you can hire agents and Trainers to assist you.

Apart from the typical gameplay tweaks and ironing out of bugs, this update also adds new boot options, the choice between a male and female player, new dilemmas to consider, and Player of the Year awards.

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It's never too late to jump on into New Star Soccer, and as it's still free on the App Store [download], and worth every penny of the £1.99 asking price on Google Play [buy].

Be warned: It's not easy to pull yourself away once you've started.

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