If you're an Android gamer, chances are good you know what a Humble Bundle is by now.

In case you don't, here's a quick rundown: a bunch of games go up on sale for charity, you pay whatever you want, and you can download the games and many of their soundtracks - DRM free - at a deep discount.

The most recent offering, Humble Bundle 7, just went live on Tuesday and gives you chance to download the Gold Award-winning Ticket to Ride (plus its 1910 USA DLC), the Silver Award-winning Greed Corp, the Bronze Award-winning Incredipede, and Anondyne all for the enticing price of "whatever you'd like to pay"

You'll also get four soundtrack albums for that donation as well, including a remix album of Anondyne's excellent music.

Give more, get more

If you dig down deeper and beat the average donation of $6.86 (~£4.30), you'll also pick up the Silver Award-winning The Bard's Tale and Worms Reloaded - which also includes the Silver Award-winning Worms 2: Armageddon – along with their soundtracks.

As always, your donation can be split between charities (Child's Play, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation), the developers of the games, or the Humble Bundle movement itself.

Those interested in picking up this collection of games can do so by visiting Humble Bundle's site before October 29.

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